About Us

Bibelot Design Studio is a small creative space run by husband and wife, Christine McGrath and Reid Maltby. Our luxury line of home decor is handcrafted, right down to the textiles which are block-printed, silk-screened or dyed on 100% linen. All of the textiles are combined with wood veneer and glass to create mirrors, frames, coasters, table art and even a line of holiday ornaments. The studio was started in 1992 in Whistler, British Columbia, by Christine who was self taught. Over the years she took many courses and workshops to help evolve the work. In 2006, as the studio got busier, Reid quit his job as a physiotherapist and stepped in. We now work together in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario’s wine country. Our inspiration comes from many places. Just by being aware of surroundings, sitting quietly in the yard, to travelling and visiting other places. Simple, clean designs are what we are drawn to ourselves, so that naturally shows through in the work. We are always striving for authenticity. Our designs change from year to year, not just to keep things fresh for shops and galleries, but for us so we don’t stagnate. We always want to feel excited about what we are putting out into the world. That desire to keep working on new designs is what drives the business forward. It’s important to put time aside to create new work. Running the studio takes an incredible amount of work. It’s our life. It seems there are not a lot of boundaries between work life and home life. As a small business owner you have to accept that and if you do, and especially if it’s creative and fulfilling work, it’s extremely rewarding. At this point in our career we have never been more excited about what’s to come. Instead of slowing down, we are expanding the textile designing aspect of our line-up. There is no shortage of ideas, so why not dive right in. We have a stronger-than-ever sense of what it is we want to accomplish. We are actively  connecting to designers, furniture stores, shops and galleries and expanding what we do to new markets. Our work is highly customizable because we print our textiles in house so we can accommodate any need. Life is good; we love what we do; we are surrounded by good people, creative people who encourage us with every step we take.